Wednesday, September 12, 2012

UNA Is Doing What?,…..

What is the university thinking? Beginning in 2014, all incoming freshmen will be required to live on campus. Yes, you read that correctly. This is one of the perks for students that live here in the Shoals is to live at home if they so choose to and save money. But no, not now. What has happened at the school? Are they getting less Chinese students than before? Or is UNA beginning to lean toward communism because of the Chinese? Dr Cale said, “Statistically, students who live on campus perform better academically, have an all-around more successful college experience and have a greater likelihood of graduating.”  The president went on to say “That has been reflected for years in studies from universities throughout the country, and we believe it will have a positive impact on the students of UNA, as well.”
Personally, I think it should be left up to local students to decide for themselves if they want to stay at home or get their own apartment or live on campus. Parents and students SHOULD HAVE THAT CHOICE. The school should not require the freshmen to do so. It is a big enough transition from high school to college and adding the new experience of living away from home too, it can be a bit overwhelming. Not all freshmen are ready to “live on their own” and I see enrollment dropping even more than it already has.
UPDATE........ This will apply only to freshmen that live X number of miles away. It shouldn't have any bearing on students from the Shoals. For example,... A student (freshman) from Hardin County, TN may not be required to live on campus but a freshman from Memphis would. So as I understand it better now, thank you Sara Beth, Shoals area freshmen can still live at home if they choose to. I don't have a number for X yet but it may be a 30 mile radius or so,........

But still,... say if you have a nephew that does live in Memphis,... and you are willing to rent him a room, he should have that choice.


  1. I had to update due to my misinformation. Thank you again Sara Beth for letting me know.

  2. It's still a stupid idea, just not as major stupid!

  3. I really thought it had been that way for some time. Several schools don't allow Freshmen to love off campus, stating they acclimate better on campus. I think "acclimate" may be code for "drink less."

  4. Shoalanda, if they can't love off campus, will they be allowed to love on campus? :)
    It's just amazing how one little letter just changes the whole meaning.
    UAH started this policy a couple of years back for all freshman students and it was very unpopular. Somewhere in the back of feeble mind, I thought it reversed for those living within a certain mile zone.

  5. @ Rosedale,... lol, yeah I couldn't edit Shoalandas post so I went ahead and allowed it. I knew someone would pick up on it. And UAH did just that. I think it was revised to a 30 mile radius.

  6. Hey, where ya gonna love if not on campus? Sorry for the typo. I think that should be the subject of an entire new blog...