Monday, September 10, 2012

Vote No, Sept 18th,….

Alabama voters will be going to the polls on the 18th to decide if the state will transfer money from the Alabama Trust Fund to the General Fund, for the next three years. Proponents for the passage of this say it is needed for non educational agencies such as a weight watchers program for state employees, state work release, Medicaid and other agencies. A program for state workers for weight watchers? Apparently that program isn’t working. Ever been to DMV or any other state agency and have to wait for them to get off their fat rear end to wait on you? Point made. As for as Medicaid, that has been abused to the point it needs to be shut down. And state work release? Keep them in prison and shut it down too.
Here is a guest response to the vote submitted by Steven D,… he makes a valid point. Even if he is my brother in law,……
“For my Alabama friends and relatives: Don't forget the vote on September 18th amending the constitution to allow the "borrowing" of 437 million dollars from the Alabama Oil and Gas trust fund. It's funny they call it borrowing, but the amendment has no provision for repayment. Various PACs proclaim if it's not passed there will be old people kick out of the nursing homes and prisoners on the streets, dogs playing with cats, etc. From my perspective I still don't see where the legislature has put forth a good faith effort to reduce spending. I mean, come on. The 1.3 million dollar contract for Weight Watchers?? STOP SPENDING THE MONEY. WE DON'T HAVE IT!
They are banking on low voted turnout in order to pass the amendment. I would encourage everyone to get out on the 18th and vote against the amendment. I know this is a long post' but the state is banking on us making a bad decision”.


  1. Not sure yet how I will vote. As for work release, it lets prisoners pay their restitution. It also is self supporting, so I'm not sure why the gov't is saying it will be shut down. Seems like an idle threat.