Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Come On,……… DICK!!

This is an email I sent to Florence City Councilman Dick Jordan. Apparently one of a couple things have happened. Either he doesn’t have a computer or he doesn’t know how to turn it on if he does own one. Or he just doesn’t care to take the time to respond to the people of Florence who are voters. 

I sent Mr Jordan an email concerning the Florence Marina Harbor. The harbor is in his district. Eva, the lady that has the contract to the harbor and I use the term lady loosely, has run off yet another business. This time it is the Barge Inn. Eva runs the marina via a contract with the city. The city needs to desperately review this and act accordingly. The marina NEEDS new management.

This is the email I sent to DICK on Sept 30th and got no response,….

Mr Jordan,

First, thank you for taking the time to read this email. I know you are extremely busy with things involving the city and addressing issues every day from our citizens. My hat is off to those of you that sacrifice your time for the benefit of Florence.

My question or questions involve the Florence Harbor. One, is this a contract deal and can that contract be broken by the city? I have been a fan of the Barge Inn for a while and it disturbs me that their lease wasn’t renewed. From a business standpoint it just doesn’t make sense. Meaning that a new unestablished business would have a hard time making it through the winter months upcoming. The Barge Inn is already established and could survive the slow winter months. They will be leaving the harbor around October 6th or 7th because of the lady that runs the harbor. I’ve got horror stories about her and have had actual dealing with her as I painted the new sign they have. My personal dealings were not favorable. I have been to the official website and have seen the comments of the harbor, which all are favorable of the harbor, her and the city. I might mention that several of the comments listed the restaurant for having the best pizza. But for what she is doing to the restaurant and an employee of hers (he quit saying he couldn’t put up with her anymore) just isn’t expectable. This isn’t the first restaurant she has run off. As this is in your district, I thought you would like to know. I hope that I am correct in that assessment.



  1. The problem, as I understand it, is she has a long term contract. The City has to honor that contract or face legal repercussions. Perhaps the City should give decisions about such contracts a little more thought and consideration instead of just handing over the reigns of publically owned property to a single individual.

  2. I agree. Thank you for your comment,..... and to corey newman, I didn't allow your post because frankly, it was for lack of a better term, stupid.

  3. There may be a long term contract but I am sure there is a clause concerning their (her) ability to provide basic boater services. How often were boaters left waiting or stranded at the fuel dock with no attendant to sell fuel during regular business hours in the summer ? Ms. Skull will tell you whatever you want to hear to serve her needs. Bad Karma always comes back to haunt you. More recently a group of loopers (boaters who travel the waterways) arrived for their annual trip and were told the Barge Inn had "gone broke", then more bad news they found out that the courtesy van (usually an older vehicle that is provided for the use of travelling boaters to get groceries or visit nearby restaurants) wasn't available ( insurance cancelled- non payment). I could go on and on . . . . . I have been self employed for over 40 years in the hospitality business, and a boater almost as long. Never have seen such incompetence. City of Florence needs to re think their lease with the current operator or insist that they run it with regular hours, and have basic necessities available. The Barge Inn was run professionally and was a fun place to eat drink and enjoy the marina view. A real loss for the city.

  4. Thank you for the comment,.. An employee of the marina basically said the same things as you did about the incompetence. He was almost to the point of being apologetic to me about how things were run down there. The regular business hours was one of his gripes.