Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Party From,…… Sheffield,….

From the Montgomery Place on Montgomery Av. in Sheffield to be exact.

The facilities there are quite accommodating with a good feel about the place. This is the third party I think that we have had there and each time has been great. Mostly because of the ones who actually come, but like I said earlier, it just has a good feel about it.

I read Tarot cards for a few people last night. We went off to a smaller room they offer there. It was quaint and private. Although the room had been added or remodeled in years past, there was a presence there. I couldn’t pinpoint it but there was something there in the room with us. Other than the ones I was reading and myself. It only added to the aura of the night.

Special thanks to Rhonda, Donna, Crystal, Nikki and all of the others that did all the leg work to prepare for the party. And it was a lot of work. Almost a year in the planning. Everyone had a great time and it was a great turnout.

Here are several pictures of the patrons of the Halloween Party From,…. Sheffield.


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