Saturday, October 27, 2012

He Said,.. She Said,.. What?,….


Selective Hearing Aid

Okay ladies, we men get it. We don’t listen. We hear you but our brains are slow and sometimes we cannot comprehend what you women are saying. It is called Selective Hearing. And it is real. Studies have been done on the subject as much as there are jokes about it. Yes we “hear” you but we really don’t listen sometimes. It is like male pattern baldness. Some of us have it some of us don’t. Although I don’t think the two are linked in any way.

Selective hearing starts for males at an early age. You ladies can blame our mothers for this. Mine told me to make my bed, brush my teeth, wash behind my ears and mow the grass. Did I listen? Sometimes.

When women talk to other women, they like details. Juicy details.  They leave nothing out. When men talk to other men, most of the time, they get straight to the point. So when we men are listening to you women, selective hearing comes into play unless you are talking football, dinner or beer. Suddenly our selective hearing goes away. It is an amazing phenomenon actually. I think I have it down to a super power.

So ladies, be patient with us. We don’t mean to be rude and not listen to you. It just comes naturally.

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