Sunday, October 14, 2012

One Play Does Not A Thug Make,…

No, I’m not making excuses for LaMicheal Fanning’s body slam of Russell Hansbrough of Missouri. I think he should be suspended for a game and I think he will receive such from the SEC or Saban or both. But after reading about the play and people calling him a thug, one play doesn’t make him a thug.

Nick Fairly from auburn played this way on several occasions and never got reprimanded by the SEC or the staff at auburn. There is no reason for these two players or anyone else to play like this. You are taught to drive through a player, not flip them.

Hopefully Fanning will learn from this and move on and become a great player for Alabama. But for now, he needs to sit and think about it. Time out!

usp-ncaa-football_-alabama-at-missouri_001-4_3_r560_c560x380This is not acceptable.

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