Thursday, October 4, 2012

SEC Picks,…. Week 6,….


A bye week for Bama but big games for most everyone else. This is the first “big” week of the season,

LSU at Florida,… A big game for both teams in terms of winning their division and possibly the SEC title. LSU has stumbled by their standards the last two weeks playing auburn and then Towson. Winning both games but looking terrible doing it. Florida looks to be much improved but I don’t think home field advantage will help them in the end. Florida will do as well as their quarterback does. A tight game,… LSU 24 Florida 18

Mississippi St at Kentucky,… This game shouldn’t be close. This game at Kentucky may end up with more maroon than blue in the stands by the end of the game. Mississippi St. 42 Kentucky 10

Georgia at South Carolina,…. Another big game for the eastern side of the SEC. The Carolina defense will be tested several times. Whether or not they pass the test depends on their d backs, safeties, linebackers and front line. They won’t pass every test. Georgia 32 South Carolina 24

Arkansas at auburn,…. Before the season I would have said the Hogs would destroy the tigers at home. But not now. A mediocre offense and no defense by the Hogs might help the no offense and mediocre defense by the tigers win this one. An auburn win at the hands of a no life Arkansas team saddens me,… auburn 24 Arkansas 17

Vanderbilt at Missouri,… I like Vandy, I don’t like Missouri. They still don’t belong in the SEC. But what I like or don’t, matters not. Missouri 34 Vandy 18

Texas A&M at Mississippi,… This could be a slugfest,… Look for a lot of points and if the Rebels can run the ball, they might pull it out. TA&M 42 Ole Miss 38

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