Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Walmart and Traffic Lights,….

The developers of the new proposed Walmart on Cloverdale Road has asked the city of Florence to pay for the traffic lights at Wright Dr and Cloverdale Road. MAP Development rep Scott McGee said he takes responsibility for the omission of not asking earlier for the money to install signals at Wright Drive. So if he is serious in his statement, then let him pay for it instead of asking the city to.
The agreement was for the group representing Walmart to pay for all traffic changes required by the state/city. And yet, they are balking on the traffic lights?
The mentality of some say the city needs to pay for it since many jobs will be created. This kind of mentality is absurd. People that work at Walmart are part time for the most part. Full time makes not much more than minimum wage. That is barely making a living. So don’t throw the “Oh Walmart is creating great jobs” in my face.
If the city agrees to pay for these lights,… they are bigger fools than I think they are. But, they will, all because it creates jobs and will add to the tax base. Sad.

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