Friday, October 5, 2012

What I Witnessed,…….

I made my daily trip to Lil Steve's today on Pine St in Florence. While going to get Cokes I passed an elderly lady,… around 80 I’m guessing. She was all of 5 feet tall and bent over using a cane to walk. She actually reminded me of older people I knew a long time ago. My Grandmother Cole being that person.

As I gathered my items and made my way to the check out behind her, she paid for her bread and milk with cash and neatly tucked her remaining money away, folded with a paper clip. The boy,… I’ll call him that for now, behind the counter whom I’d never seen before, offered to carry the milk to her car. Stating that it was heavy. She was a frail looking lady and she stated she lived “over there” pointing behind the store. The young man stated that’s okay,… I’ll carry it for you. I paid for my items and got into the van. I looked to my right and saw the young man and the older lady walking toward her house. It was a very humbling sight. Kudos to the young man for doing that and the same to Lil Steve’s for allowing it to happen. Maybe it was one of those things you had to be there to enjoy it,…. but hopefully I explained it so you could see…. It was cool.


  1. I believe that's called earning stars in his crown. Kudos to the young clerk. I'd like to think most kids are like him, but somehow I doubt it...

  2. Good going on the clerk's part.

    Unlike Sholanda, I think most kids ARE like that.

    War Eagle!

  3. That's a great story whether I'm there to see it or not! Thanks for sharing it....

  4. Thanks for the story. It's my experience that most of the kids in Florence are okay.

    Elvis, aren't both you and your g.f. from Florence?