Tuesday, November 6, 2012

24 years, 10 months and 2 days,….


That is the length of time Chief Mark Parker put into serving the citizens of Killen Alabama. After the new town council and mayor were sworn in there was no motion made to reappoint Chief Parker to his duties.

There is much support on his facebook page, but you can make your voices heard to the town council and mayor. Call them and let them know you think they made a mistake. And if it were me I would remind them that their job will be up in four years.

60 to 100 Chiefs of Police lose their position each election to political agendas of new mayors and councils.

No reason for termination was given to Chief Parker. After nearly 25 years service, he was fired without as much as a civil explanation. Let your voices be heard,… Here is a list of the mayor and council with phone numbers to call,……..

Mayor Tim Tubbs, 256-757-1604
Councilperson Janice LeMay, 256-757-3326
Councilperson Don Owens, 256-757-9760
Councilperson Connie Parrish, 256-810-2931
Councilperson Ken Harrison, 256-757-5610
Councilperson John McGee, 256-757-4172

Or if you wish,.. mail them directly,….


PO Box 27, Killen AL 35645

Good luck to Chief Parker,.. a good cop, good leader and one of the good guys. And thanks for allowing me to do this.

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