Tuesday, November 27, 2012

49-0,… Was It Classless?,…


First, congrats to the Alabama Crimson Tide for winning the SEC West and a trip to the SEC Championship to play Georgia. I’ll have my thoughts on the game later in the week.

Soon after the Iron Bowl I began to hear rumblings about the score. I heard that Bama was classless for running up the score and I even saw it in print. (Sorry Duckbutt, but I gotta disagree with you on this one). While I wanted a score of 77-0, like the one in 2003 where Oklahoma beat Texas A&M when Dennis Franchonie was A&M’s coach, that would exemplify classless sportsmanship. Alabama winning by a score of 49-0 was classy. It could have been much worse. Alabama pulled their starters after the first series in the second half. Why? One reason was there was no need to keep them in the game and risk injury. Another was to not run up the score anymore with the starters in there.

It is the job of the offense to score. Alabama did that. It is the defense’s job to stop the opposing team from scoring. auburn didn’t do that. Not until Bama had their 2nd and third teams out there. What was Alabama supposed to do? Spike the ball every play and then punt? That’s not the way the game is played. On a positive side for auburn, they did cross the 50 yard line,… twice I think. 

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