Saturday, November 24, 2012

Is Walmart the Antichrist?,…


In the Christian realm of religion, the Antichrist is a powerful, evil leader that will rise up against Christ and his church in the last days.

While the religious term can probably not be associated with Walmart, a business form of antichrist can certainly be applied.

Just ask any mom and pop store that has had to close its doors because a new Walmart opened and they could no longer compete. Just ask their associates as Walmart management calls them, how they feel about their employer. You know it can’t be good when non union employees go on strike. They can lose their jobs because of it. But then since many are at or near poverty level it really wouldn’t matter.

The word anti also means, against as in opposes. It can also mean, as if. In the religious world an antichrist could be someone who pretends to be the Messiah or Christ. In the retail world, it could be Walmart. They paint the picture that when opening a new store that they serve as magnets for other retail stores to thrive and locate. When in essence, a study of Chicago in 2009 shows that businesses within one mile of a Walmart Supercenter have a 25% chance of shuttering in the first year, and a 40% chance of shuttering by the second year, when compared with stores farther than one mile from the Supercenter.

I’ll leave you with this,…. Remember to shop the mom and pop stores when you can. Don’t drive by the Big Stars, Foodlands, variety stores and local drug stores on your way to shop at a store that cares nothing about their employees or customers. Shop small,… shop local.


  1. Shop local. Support your local bootlegger.

  2. Well that would be better than walmart,... they have bootleggers in Knoxville?

  3. The place seems to be a Mecca for many. MIL likened it to a trip to the county fair. The entire family goes and comes out with junk made in China. Wish there was a way to put up billboards reflecting your statistics. Perhaps people would think and reconsider before those trips to a place of considerable chaos.