Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SEC Championship 2012,…… My Thoughts,…. Part One

The season finale features the Georgia Bulldogs vs the Alabama Crimson Tide. For the winner it provides a chance to play the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame who don’t have to go through the pains of a conference championship because they are Gods chosen team and don’t belong to a conference in football. I hope you just grabbed the sarcasm there.
Georgia vs Bama are the two best teams in the conference each with one loss. Georgia will probably be the most physical team Bama has played so far and the same can be said for Georgia.
Both teams run a pro style offense. Georgia traditionally runs more with the I-formation while Bama uses a three wide single back offense. Georgia does have a little more balance to their offense. On offense Alabama holds a slight edge in the quarterback spot. AJ McCarron is better than Aaron Murray because he is the better scrambler. AJ and Aaron are the top 2 rated quarterbacks in the conference in passing  efficiency.
Georgia holds a slight edge at the running back spot. Todd Gurley (176 carries, 1,138 yards, 6.5 avg., 14 TD) and Keith Marshall (107 carries, 720 yards, 6.7 avg., 8 TD) are a pair of freshmen who have had a fantastic year. Bama counters with TJ Yeldon (128 carries, 847 yards, 6.6 avg., 10 TD) and Eddie Lacy (164 carries, 1,001 yards, 6.1 avg., 14 TD). Both are healthy for the game. Georgia does have an excellent back up in Ken Malcolme (57 carries, 272 yards, 4.8 avg., 2 TD).
Alabama has a slight advantage in the wide receiver department. If Kenny Bell hadn’t had a season ending injury the advantage would be greater. Bama’s  Amari Cooper gives the Tide the advantage here.
The offensive line goes to Alabama. Depth and experience along with size is the difference in the two teams O line. Both teams block well in run schemes and Bama has allowed fewer sacks. Which could go back to AJ’s scrambling ability.
Tomorrow, we’ll look at the defense and my bold prediction of a final score. Roll Tide Roll!!

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