Friday, November 23, 2012

SEC Picks,… Week 13,…

It is rival week in the SEC which generally means the end of the regular season. Bowl games await those that have been successful. A .500 season will get you into a bowl game. To me going 6-6 isn’t successful unless maybe you went 2-10 or so the season before.


The LSU-Arkansas game is going on now with the Tigers leading 3-0. Arky is giving it away at this point. LSU 27 Arky 14

Vandy at Wake Forest,… No this isn’t a rival game. Vandy beat their rival last week. This should be a fun game to watch. Vandy should win this one. Vandy 31 WF 24

Georgia Tech at Georgia,… Shouldn’t be close. The Yellow Jackets are a rambling wreck,… Georgia 34 GT 7

Kentucky at Tennessee,… before the season I wouldn’t have given the Wildcats a chance in this one. With Dooley being asked to leave,.. the Wildcats catch the Vols in a down mood. Kentucky 24 Tennessee 21

Florida at Florida St,… one of the better games of the weekend. This game will show which team is for real. They tie. The Gators win in overtime, 34-31

South Carolina at Clemson,… The Tigers of Clemson always seem to choke in the big games. This one is a rival game and recruiting weighs heavily on it. But I think Clemson eeks out a win here. Clemson 24 SC 17

Mississippi St at Mississippi,… Before the season here, I wouldn’t have given Ole Miss a leg to stand on in this game. State has not improved as the year went on, Ole Miss has. Advantage home team in this one. Ole Miss 32 State 27

auburn at Alabama,… What can I say about this one?,… The biggest rivalry in the South and perhaps the nation,… and world. You honestly can throw out the win/loss records in this one. This year the Tide is riding high while auburn has been floundering trying to play what we call football. Bama in a close one. Alabama 34 auburn 17

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