Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Walmart and Black Friday,….


Walmart workers across the nation are fed up. Fed up with low wages, time away from families on holidays and even working conditions.

When the new store on Cloverdale Road was announced, some people in our area supported the store. Even our city council and planning commission just couldn’t get the dollar signs out of their eyes. I remember people posting how good this will be. Oh it will bring jobs to the area. One guy even said the workers made above minimum wage. This is true, $8.81 is the average hourly wage of a Walmart sales associate (based on an IBIS World figure) Try feeding a family of four on that. The average yearly salary is $15,500 according to Yearly salary. So at near poverty levels the employees are either going to miss their Thanksgiving dinner or cut it short so that you, the shopper, can get a jump on your Christmas shopping?

Think about it if you made those wages and had to put up with the rude general public while you miss your family at a holiday dinner. Shame on anyone who darkens the doors at Walmart this weekend. Yes, I said weekend. Support the employees by not shopping there. Shop local instead.

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