Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You Built This,…

August 28, 2012 - Tampa, Florida: The floor of the convention center during early eventing speeches. Lauren Lancaster for The New Yorker

I found this on facebook,… had to share. It is spot on,……

Laugh, celebrate, be joyful, for you were victorious. The half of the population that are in opposition to the result will continue on with our daily lives, working and educating our youth to follow the direction of the moral compass we choose to follow. We will continue to pay taxes to fund programs that go against the very fiber of our virtue. We will raise our children doing the best we can to protect their innocence while at the same time educate them on being a tolerant and forgiving sole. We will be charitable with both our time and money to help those in need. And prayers will be raised up in your name that your lives will be prosperous.

As these actions continue to take place around you, please remember the following:

When you realize that your way of life is no longer the American Dream, instead, it's being leased from foreign investors, You Built This.

When you find your parents healthcare options are much less than your younger self, You Built This.

When the business you created and worked countless hours to achieve a comfortable living, all to give it away to those that choose not to work, You Built This.

As your vehicle sits idle in your driveway void of gasoline because the price at the pump is $6.00 per gallon, You Built This.

When you find yourself praying to get out of the financial hole you're in, You Built This.

When the security of Americans traveling abroad becomes questionable at best, You Built This.

When you get assaulted and are unable to protect your self through a concealed weapon, You Built This.

When you have to hide your self from public view so you might pray to GOD to help you, You Built This.

And when you look at the rest of us living our lives day to day knowing that these things are not in our hands, but God's. And you ask us how we got to this point in our lives,

You Built This.

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