Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An Interview With Coach Brian Kelly,….

2011 Notre Dame Mascot

We sat down with coach Brian Kelly of the University of Notre Dame. An interesting character to say the least and one of, in my opinion, the top three coaches in college football. And yes this is one of my now famous interviews that didn’t really happen just like Terry “TatorTot” Bowden.

Coach Kelly, welcome to the interview,….

BK…. Thank you for having me OB. I’ve got to say your town and area is a fantastic place for D2 football. When I was the coach at Grand Valley State we won back to back championships in 2001 and 2002. I wanted to duplicate what Coach Wallace did with UNA in the 90’s but we just couldn’t do it.

OB…. Well, thanks. This area supports UNA as a school and in athletics. We are proud to have Coach Wallace back for a second time. We think he can really turn things around. But enough about D2 ball,… congratulations on an undefeated season. Taking the Irish to 12-0 and a number one ranking wasn’t an easy feat.

BK…. Thank you,… we enjoyed a fantastic year. With hopefully more to come. But now it is a one game season. Those 12 wins mean nothing at this point. I try to tell the guys one game at a time. The next one just happens to be for the grand prize. We at Notre Dame are honored to be in the BCS Championship game with Alabama. Both schools are rich in tradition and history in college football. Both schools are probably the most storied programs in college football. I was talking to my defensive coordinator Bob Diaco and he was in awe of the Alabama defense. By the way, he was supposed to be watching the offense. But he was saying how well coached the defense was. But he does think our defense can keep up.

OB…. Coach, what do you think the Irish’s chances are of dethroning Alabama?

BK…. I think if there is a school outside the SEC that matches up well with Alabama it is us. We actually do play an SEC style of football. Both on offense and defense. We have big physical guys on the lines and a supporting cast behind them. This should be a game for the ages. Like I said earlier, this is probably the two most storied programs in college football. Ara, Bear, Rockne and now possibly Coach Saban. I would say Lou Holtz, but man that guy is embarrassing on ESPN.

OB…. Coach thank you for your time and I know it is limited now that practice has started. I would wish you luck but I got to say Roll Tide Roll!

BK…. My pleasure OB. I do have to get back to the X’s and O’s but I do want to say that your pick on the Texas A&M/Alabama was a good one. You even missed the final score by one point. Oh and last year before the season started you had a possible LSU/Alabama title game…. How do you do it and what is your pick for this game?

OB…. Well I can’t divulge my methods (guessing) and right now I don’t have a pick for the game yet…… but I will. RTR!!

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