Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chicken Nipples,…..


Well, sometimes while working my mind wonders. I have some crazy thoughts from time to time and this is probably one of them. Blame it on the paint, the thinner or too much caffeine but while working today chicken nipples popped into my head. We go to the store to buy chicken breast only to find there are no nipples on them. Ever wonder why? I know why but I’ll let you rack your brain. Anyway,…. chicken nipples,…. it is a great idea and the products that could come from them are endless.

For us southerners, we like everything fried. Wouldn’t it be great to go into a restaurant and order a side of fried chicken nipples?  What kind of dipping sauce would you like with that? Honey Mustard? How about Campbells Soup making cream of chicken nipples. Or, or,…. how about a breakfast cereal? Yes! Wouldn’t chicken nipples and milk be grand? Don’t you think that would give Tony the tiger a run for his money? Or, or,…. how about getting some chicken nipples and making a stew?  Or grilling a bunch for the big game? See? The products are really endless. You could actually let your imagination run wild. How about a snack cracker? Maybe we could purchase them in a bucket like chitterlings,… pronounced chitlins. How about making a nice cool salad in the summer? Chicken nipple salad with Roma tomatoes, basil, onion, cheese, lettuce and Italian dressing,……. man I’m getting hungry. Are Chicklets really chicken nipples?


  1. Well at least I didn't marry a rapist. This is your one and only time you'll be allowed to post a comment.

  2. Does PWG think chicken nipples are obscene?