Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lil Steve’s,……..


One of the Shoals only American owned convenience stores. They have several locations to serve you. The original store on Pine St just north of the UNA campus plus the Cloverdale Rd store, Cox Creek, Florence Blvd, Woodward Av in Muscle Shoals and coming soon to Rogersville. This is the ultimate mom and pop store. As stated in previous blogs, I have been doing business with Big Steve and his family for almost 35 years. They have recently grown and expanded over the past couple of years because of success they have achieved because of good prices on staples such as gasoline, cigarettes and beverages. But it doesn’t stop there. They employ great people who over the years I have gotten to know and can brighten my day anytime I shop there. The good thing is it doesn’t matter which store. The employee attitudes are fairly much the same, they are glad to see you and appreciate your business.

There is a local hate group, akin to Westboro Baptist Church in the area called Karma. They have a renegade blog called Shoalanda Speaks the Truth in which they try to downgrade Lil Steve’s. They actually have nothing against Lil Steve’s but if I support a mom and pop, they are against it. Click here to view the hate Well in the photo above it clearly states they do not sell any products that contain any banned ingredients by the state or DEA. It pays to be informed. I guess ignorance is bliss but I’d rather know the facts. Now you know. Keep on rockin Lil Steve’s and ride those damn camels!!


  1. Yet another vitriolic blog from Phyllis White Gooch. I suppose when you marry a rapist and have a kid doing hard labor in the pen, then you have to try to make decent people look worse than yourself so you can look at yourself in the mirror in the morning. Mrs. Gooch has made quite a name for herself in the Shoals. Her family must be so proud.

  2. How do you report someone that's dangerous to theirself and others? I saw pictures of that Gooch woman on her blog with a gun. You all need to get restraining orders against her.

  3. I believe this newest blog is written by a woman we recently profiled in SS--she was indicted for two crimes. It's sad these two to three women have no life beyond denigrating those who have achieved some success.

    Congratulations to Steve and family for a successful, local business.

    Carpet Man, a judge has to issue a restraining order, and it involves attorneys, etc. A former police officer has stated he's about to shut them down legally, and we hope he's successful.