Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rosie’s Mexican Cantina,….

Probably the worst meal I have had recently came from here. They actually serve Tex-Mex and should stick to that. Our server, Zac, did a great job even though the food was almost uneatable. definition of uneatable Zac recommended the ribs, which I got and Donna got the fajita. We also got the white cheese dip. First, they really need to quit serving ribs. Or at least leave the sauce off. The meat was actually good, but it was drowned in barbeque sauce. You don’t just pour sauce onto the meat. You cook it on. When they learn this, they will have some good ribs.  They only thing worse is the McRib sandwich. You know the one, dripping with sauce, disgusting. And I abhor McDonalds. Second, was the cheese dip. We were given a choice between yellow and white cheese. Having fallen in love with Krafts Blanco Velveeta cheese, I chose white. I have never had cheese dip with garlic in it. Nor do I ever want to taste it again. I love garlic, garlic salt, butter and garlic on shrimp/lobster but not in cheese dip. I don’t even think Tex-Mex uses this much garlic. We probably won’t be back to this eating establishment.  But the service was very good and Zac did a great job.


  1. I've eaten there 3 or 4 times, feel I've given it a fair trial but never had an edible meal presented. Good hostess

  2. Rosie's has a killer fish taco meal.

  3. Rosie's does enchiladas, fajitas, and chimichangas best.

    Don't do American food. Alas, we have no good barbecue in northern Alabama. Just crap. I say that categorically: the nearest good stuff is in Tuscaloosa.

  4. Pops out in St Florian is good and Southern on Pine St for sandwiches is good. Pops has some good ribs. The ribs at Rosie's were good but it was like you poured a half bottle of sauce on them. I use a dry rub to start when I do them and then cook a little sauce onto the meat. Till is almost burns,... almost. LOL