Sunday, December 2, 2012

Saving Ghost Bridge,….


Efforts are underway to try to save and preserve Ghost Bridge, aka Jackson Ford Bridge. I personally didn’t know of the proper name of the bridge as I had just always known it as Ghost Bridge. I have driven over this one laned wooden floored bridge many times as a young driver. Now with both entrances to the bridge blocked off it has fallen into decay, vandalism and a spot for various illegal activity. The county of Lauderdale wants to remove it because of the liability. Which is understandable.

There is a group on facebook dedicated to saving and preserving the bridge and history that goes with it. The group here,   Ghost Bridge, seems to have some great ideas and plans on how to save the bridge and history of the area. They are willing to work with the Lauderdale County Commission and present their thoughts and plans for the saving of the bridge and possible park for that area. It is my hope that the Commission shows the same enthusiasm in saving the bridge that the people at Ghost Bridge have. Hopefully the Commission will meet and discuss with the Ghost Bridge people and try to work out a solution.

There is a petition you can sign and invite others to do as well,… Sign The Petition be sure to ask others and spread this petition around. The more that sign it the better the chances are of impressing the Commission that there is an interest in this project.

The Ghost Bridge folks on facebook have a fantastic proposed drawing of what they want the area to be when completed. It is not to scale but you can get a good idea of the seriousness, dedication and thoroughness of the group and their plans. They are doing this the right way. Much luck to the group in trying to preserve our local history,…….


Proposed plan for the bridge,….

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