Friday, December 14, 2012

Shooting In Connecticut,…..

As of this moment 20 children are dead. Six adults plus the shooter also died. One of the adults was the shooters own mother. Kindergartners shot at school that were likely anticipating  the upcoming Christmas season. Now, toys and gifts that had been bought for these children will no longer be needed. There is no “good time” for these things to happen but I would think this is the absolute worst time.
One man armed with 2 semi automatic handguns and a .223 caliber rifle shot and killed those babies and the adults and then took the cowards way out shooting himself. Details will come out soon enough as to why he did this but at this point it does not matter. Finding out why won’t bring those children back. It won’t comfort the parents and families that have been devastated by this event. I simply cannot fathom the feelings in Newtown, CT.
I would suggest that now more than ever, teachers that don’t have a problem with guns, be allowed to carry them at school. Imagine a teacher today at Sandy Hook Elementary School having one and being able to shoot the shooter before firing so many shots. Lives probably would have still been lost but surely some could have been saved. The gun activists scream ban guns, but the old saying when you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns is so very true. It is the same with illegal drugs. They are outlawed but still used by those that choose to do so.
Mass shootings especially school shootings have always bothered me but today this one gripped my heart strings. Not only because of those small innocent children but also because my daughter began teaching this year in Huntsville. I just cannot imagine what the parents are going through. Say a prayer for those in Connecticut and go hug your babies.  


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    1. I'm not usually emotional,... this one got to me,......

  2. Disturbed that any network would allow its reporters to approach the other students and the parents that allow them to, as the ones I've seen being questioned are holding someone's hand. Surely, a release must be signed by a parent prior to the airing? Shock? Don't know they reasons but they defy me. As mentioned on deliberations, may God's grace and mercy be showered on those affected.

  3. Yes, Dino, I just read where the parents of the first child identified publicly, a little girl named Grace, were approached by media at their home. You think, how could they? Approach the shooter's father? Yes. Others? No.

    If enjoyed is the word, for lack of a better one, did enjoy both O.B.'s and Dino's (Dino's Deliberations) comments.

  4. The media would not be interviewing my child.