Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Crap I Receive For Comments,….



Anti-Obscenity has left a new comment on your post "Chicken Nipples,…..":
OB I heard you raped that chicken at knife point!!

The above is a comment sent to me by Anti-Obscenity about a recent blog I did entitled Chicken Nipples. The person behind the Anti-Obscenity moniker is none other than Phyllis White Gooch, wife of convicted rapist Richard Gooch. If you could view her profile on blogspot, you would find she follows her husbands blog along with a few others. She along with her followers have this Westboro Baptist Church mentality and they actually claim to be Christians. Her husband recently changed his address to be in compliance with the state because of his sex offender status. Prior to that he listed his mothers address while living with his wife just off Hwy 72. Don’t believe me? Here is the unupdated sex offender site Lauderdale Co Sex Offenders which still lists his old address while living with Phyllis. On a side note, he was convicted of raping a woman at knife point. A violent rape that caused him to serve 20 years. And now these “Christian” people are accusing me of raping a chicken at knife point? You just have to laugh at their mentality and ineptness to come up with an original thought. Even their karma blog name came from me.



  1. Syphilis Hooch's husband is the writer of that blog, eh? A few things make sense now. Sick man with a sick wife, with the sole purpose making OB famous!

    Now we all know that since I have just called a spade a spade, my name must be Debra Glass!

    Hubba Hubba.

  2. Sometimes you don't know what to say and other times you could write a book. Besides the Gooch woman there's Dorcas Bowers, with a fake phd. I worked hard for my masters and she's a joke. Her son is a mercenary who was fired from the Anderson police (he then threatened to sue), but who gets fired from Anderson, Alabama? How bad do you have to be? He brags on his resume that he can kill people easily. How bout that?

    I wish all the people they've libeled could get together and sue the heck out of all three or four of them. Don't know if I should include Debra Taylor Roberstson or not, but you know Larry Jaynes is knee deep in it.

    I think it could be criminal too since Dorcas is always commenting on how anyone on Shoalanda or OB's Corner could be out somewhere alone and beaten up. Who talks like that? No sane person. Maybe that's why her son is a killer?

  3. It's interesting they say you and I have both posted we can't pay 25.00 for a transcript of Richard Gooch's case. I've never posted that and don't believe you have either. In any event, the main question seems to be was the rape at knife point. One page should do it. The TimesDaily stated it was at knife point.

    1. And yet they continually deny it like we made it up. I got the info from the TD,.... amazing.

  4. I know,..... I think I had posted the TD story on it a while back, not sure though. If I did it obviously wasn't read by PWG. The newspaper article did say at knife point. Just like the chicken remark. It was a violent rape, with a knife and no parole was granted. And he was near where children were at Sweetwater during an art class. He wasn't teaching it but was in the photo there. Heck, they even posted the photo which has been taken down. Wonder why?

  5. Just like Phyllis Gooch took down that picture of her waving a pistol around. Isn't it a crime for a sex offender to have a gun in the house?

  6. Carpet Man, it's a crime if it's in an area not designated for the spouse exclusively. I'm sure PWG would say she keeps the gun(s) in her art studio; however, since Richard is an artist as well, that might not be an adequate defense. It's also a crime if he rides in car Phyllis uses to take gun to target practice.