Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WarIrish Tee Shirt,…..


Well it seems that auburn and Notre Dame has teamed up to produce the WarIrish emblem. Oh no, say it ain’t so Buckwheat! It is so. Personally I love it and think it is a great idea. But what about conference pride and all of that you ask? For me, with bitter rivals there is no conference pride. Back in 2010 when auburn was playing Oregon, it was “Roll Duck Roll”. The major difference here is that Alabama and Oregon didn’t partner to change a registered trademark. I was prepared to be a Bulldog fan if Georgia had won the game last Saturday night. But if, in, say 50 more years auburn makes it back to a championship game, I won’t be pulling for them. Alabama doesn’t need their support now either.

So in essence this is auburns way of making it to a bowl game since they couldn’t do it on their own,……. Here is the link from which this blog post was inspired,… Thanks OG. WarIrish Tee


  1. I never heard the "Roll Duck Roll." I was leading a sheltered life in Flo-Town.

  2. Yeah,... google Roll Duck Roll and you'll see some images,...