Sunday, January 27, 2013

Alabama Music Hall of Fame,………….

Muscle Shoals Music,… Official Trailer
The Stones, Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon, Duane Allman, Percy Sledge, Wilson Pickett. Names that mean much to music. Names that recorded in Muscle Shoals Alabama. The trailer above is part of the documentary that was shown at the Sundance Film Festival last night. Once dubbed “The Hit Recording Capital of the World” Muscle Shoals city sits next to Tuscumbia. The home of the Alabama Hall of Fame. The hall sits silent. It has closed its doors because of lack of funding. The hall that houses the music that is part of this areas rich history in music. I’m including myself in this, we as Shoals residents don’t really understand and appreciate what Muscle Shoals music really means, not only to this area, but the state and the world. I got the idea for this blog from radio personality Jimmy O. He had a great facebook post this morning and has allowed me to share it here.  “1100 people packed a theater in Utah at the world famous Sundance Film Festival to see and hear the story of Muscle Shoals Music. Tears were shed along with laughter at many of the great moments in musical history that were made and created in our hometown. 1100 people stood and cheered when the movie ended, a standing ovation from people that have never been here but have long respected the talent and creativity that comes from here. As a lifelong resident and 35 year radio veteran that knows and respect each and every individual that helped create this great sound, it breaks my heart and angers me that our state government basically thumbs their noses at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Local politicians talk about our music history when campaigning but once elected, forget it pretty fast. People all over this planet love our music so lets find a way to open those doors and share with everyone our music history. We seem to find a way to do many other things so lets do this” Jimmy Oliver. Jimmy O goes on to make an excellent point in that if the hall were in Huntsville, Birmingham or Montgomery, it would still be open. I whole heartily agree. This area seems to have, as long as I can remember, been forgotten by those in Montgomery and by those who represent us. Here are some links to our state representatives and senators,….
Contact your local rep or senator and those in neighboring counties. Let them know you want the hall open.
A list of the board members is here,… This will take you to the hall’s official page so you can view it and learn about the hall. There is also contact info for the hall there. Thanks to Jimmy O for letting me use his post. Please view the traler,… it is fantastic and makes you proud to be from the Shoals.

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