Monday, January 7, 2013

I Gave Up,…..

Tonight's game with Notre Dame represents players that didn’t give up. A team that didn’t fold. They could have given up in the LSU game, but they came back. They could have given up after losing to Texas A&M and falling to number 4. But they didn’t. This Bama team could have given up against Georgia in the SEC Championship Game,… again, they didn’t. The team stayed the course and continued to do what they had to do in order to get where they are tonight. Playing for the BCS Championship Game for a 3rd time in 4 years. That is impressive.

I have to admit, I had given up in all of those instances. I’m glad the team and players have more heart than I. I didn’t think Bama would come back against LSU and being down 21-10 to Georgia, I had given up. Shame on me. So whatever happens tonight against the Golden Domers,… I’ll be proud of what they have done as a team. I’ll be proud they didn’t give up and I’ll be proud to be an Alabama fan,……. Roll Tide Roll!!


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