Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Muscle Shoals Civil Service Board Upholds Firing,…

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Well, the deer are pissed off. One of their own were killed, shot by a Muscle Shoals Police Officer while on duty. Shot from the officers car. Shot while the officer was on duty. Shot for a trophy. The deer was a 10 point buck. Greg Scoggins was fired and faces misdemeanor charges for his deeds. Today the MSC civil service board upheld the firing.
Should he have been fired? In my opinion, no. Demoted, yes. He could have been demoted to being a dispatcher and worked back up the ranks. However,…. I have known people to get caught road hunting that had their vehicles and guns confiscated. That should have happened in this case and didn’t.
A few years ago I was working for a family that had a run in with the Alabama Department of Conservation Game and Fish Division, the Game Wardens. Dickey Wallace was the officer that confiscated this families sons 4 wheeler and gun. The boy was riding out of the woods, gun in the rack at dusk, unloaded. His lights were on and Wallace charged the boy with spot lighting. It just so happened the boy and Dickeys son had a class together at UNA. Wallace’s son bragged to the boy about using his Browning rifle while hunting. The law does what it wants to do.
Again, should Scoggins have been fired? I say no,…. but his hiring of one lawyer in particular leaves a lot to be desired.

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