Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Rant,……


This is my first rant for the new year. If you are offended by some strong language you can click out now. I apologize to you for that. But right now I am pissed. So fair warning, this might get ugly and like I said if you are offended, please close this now. You have been warned………….

Doctors,……… Personally I think they are the bigger part of the drug problem. You know them,… the family practitioners.  They write the prescriptions that others abuse daily. They over prescribe in many cases and continue to do so every month. To the same patients. These patients that do not need Xanax and pain relievers sell their scripts to others that are addicted to these drugs. They sell them for around $6-7 and sometimes $8 per pill. Almost double what the original script cost. This pisses me off. And the doctors know what is going on. So do the pharmacies. That is why the pharmacies have to keep up with scripts. These same people that abuse these prescriptions are the ones that abuse section 8, food stamps, Medicaid/Medicare and assistance on their utility bills. All the while they are working. Yes, working for a living and getting government assistance.  Yep these same people get help on their utility bill and don’t have to pay it back. Same for section 8. And when tax time rolls around they get a $3000 refund. People,… this really pisses me off. You think I’m lying? I know people that do this! It isn’t funny anymore. Not that it was to begin with but damn,… it has got to stop. And it stops with those family practitioners that continue to write scripts for patients to go out and make a profit on. There is one doc in Tuscumbia that does this and I’ll not name him at this point,… but it is coming. Our local citizens should be outraged because we are footing the bill for these people to beat the system. Ok,… I didn’t use too much bad language,…  I didn’t want to appear too ignorant.


If you own a business,… pay attention to what is going on. Pay attention to employees and their actions, attitudes, responses. And give a damn and show some interest in your business. Without you, your employees are without work.


  1. A lot of this problem begins with the drug makers, they give the doctors incentives to prescribe these drugs out. If someone is asking the doctors to write these scripts then the doc is in the middle, so what are his choices?
    There is a great many doctors who refuse to be a part of this and do not give the scripts out. I know of at least one office who has a well advertised policy that he will not see anyone who has lower back pain.

  2. The doctors have choices but many choose the almighty dollar.