Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad,….


But three outta four is better. Congrats to the Alabama Crimson Tide on winning their 15th title.

I actually had to wait a couple of days to blog about it. I guess maybe because I was too intense this time. I’m still just in awe of what the team accomplished this year. Losing so many from the 2011 team I really didn’t see them repeating. Is this a dynasty? The national media seems to think so. Barrett Jones hinted at it. But this is the same media that said Notre Dame had an SEC type defense. I’m thinking their defense was more along the lines of Kentucky. The media built them up to the point I was worried. But I knew if we could run the ball, Bama would have a chance. After the first touchdown,… I knew it was going to be a good night for the Tide.

Coach Saban had the ESPN channel blocked in the players rooms once they got to Miami. While they still had access to it via phones, Coach was wanting to prevent them from seeing the media love Notre Dame was getting. The same media that was saying ND had an SEC defense, had only two touchdowns scored on them in the redzone all year. The same media that built up a Notre Dame team to be almost unbeatable. The same media that had me worried. Maybe Coach Kelly should have done the same thing. The Fighting Irish came out like they had it in the bag. Maybe they believed what the media was saying,… Regardless Bama dominated an unbeaten number one ranked team. Number 16 next year? That’s a tall order in this day and age of college football to repeat much less three peat.

The only college team to three peat in any division is the UNA Lions. On a side note,… ND did only give up two touchdowns all year in the redzone. Bama added five more to that total. Roll Tide Roll!!


  1. You have a good point here! I read not long ago that the reason Romney was so lax at admitting defeat to Obama was due to the fact that all the news stations he was paying attention to put him in the top running!
    We are always complaining about the how lame the local newspaper is on it's reporting, now it is looking like it may very well be a much bigger issue than on our local level?

  2. It is a bigger issue than just local. The media tries to make the public think like they want us to think.