Thursday, February 14, 2013

Asking For Your Prayers,….

I have a niece, Kaitlin, who needs your prayers. She has some blood clots, in the neck and arms and possible lung, not sure on the lung though. They are going to the Children's Hospital in Birmingham either tonight or tomorrow. She is too young to be having these and hopefully the docs in B’ham will find the answers. So, I’m asking that you that do pray,… pray. If you don’t pray,… keep her and her family in your thoughts. Thanks,…. OB.
First, I have to say thank you for the prayers and for the sharing of this blog on facebook. It really means a lot to me but more importantly, to a 13 year old young lady in Birmingham. I believe in prayer and that it works. The more prayers offered up surely has to be a good thing. Thank you all for that.
Here is an update from Kaitlin's dad from this morning,....
I have a new update for Kaitlin today. Well, actually coming from yesterday. Evidently (we didn't know this) Kaitlin had been in a step-down ICU unit. It wasn't ICU, but it wasn't a regular room. Yesterday, they moved her to room 677 in the older building on 7th Avenue. The hematologists came by last night and talk to us about her blood clot and how they want to treat that. The continuing problem that the doctors here ARE working on, is that of my expensive, worthless (since Obamacare) insurance. The insurance doesn't want to cover her medications AT ALL. The medicine is very expensive -- $7,600 for a 90 day supply. There is a less expensive oral medication that could be taken in pill form (the docs here really are uncomfortable prescribing it's newer than the Lovenox) It only about $20.00 per day. The Lovenox can range from $40 - $60 per shot (depending upon who has it) and she has to have 2 shots per day. 
So, I haven't said much about Kaitlin. She's doing better. The clot is under control. We are working on getting a treatment plan and getting the insurance company to pay. I have some more to say later. Right now, Trish and I need to round up some grub.


  1. Very pretty girl. I hate to hear she's ill. I'll pray.

  2. Best wishes and prayers for Kaitlin

  3. I have met Kaitlin and her mom. Kaitlin is a sweet and pretty little girl. Very good people. I am sending prayers and good intentions toward their way.