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For over 25 years, Chris’ Painting has been providing the Shoals area with quality work. After this length of time in the business we can honestly say we have painted everything from a commode seat to million dollars houses. Currently we are wrapping up one of the largest houses we have done, complete with elevator, of around 11,000 square feet. It has been a learning experience even after being in the business as long as we have. That is one thing that makes work worthwhile. You can always learn something. We can also boast of having customers that use our services over and over. Meaning, when a painting need arises, they call Chris’ Painting. Looking back it is really rewarding seeing customers children over the years as they grow up. I recall one in particular, the woman was pregnant with her first born when we first met her and now her son is driving.

We are licensed and insured for your protection as well as ours. With as long as we have been doing this, we can say that we aren’t some fly by night company. We will be here. One thing I would like to see is the city of Florence be more aggressive in enforcing their licenses for contractors of all kinds. Tuscumbia does a good job at making sure contractors have a proper license to work in the city. Florence needs to do the same. This helps protect the customer. It will help cut down on scams also.

So, with all of that said, we do interior and exterior painting. Furniture has been popular lately with the glazing or antiquing as some call it. Cabinets also have been popular with customers. I used to think it was almost sinful to paint over oak cabinets but painting and glazing them make for a nice looking set. The oak is grainy and holds the glaze really well all over the doors and facings.

Chris does an excellent job of working with you the customer on choosing the right colors for you. Sometimes a customer has a hard time choosing and she is great at helping you pick the colors right for you. We have seen an increase of rooms going all one color. Ceilings, walls and trim all the same but with different finishes that give them a distinct look. The ceiling would be a flat finish, walls most of the time are an eggshell finish and the trim a satin finish. And even though it is the same color, they have a certain amount of contrast because of the finish. Of course the traditional look of white ceilings and trim are never out dated but sometimes you just want to be a bit more aggressive with colors. Chris does an excellent job of “reading” the customer when they aren’t sure what they want. We take great pride in pleasing our customers and at the end of a job look back and say we did it right. Pleasing the customer is our main goal. If you are happy, we are happy. Feel free to visit our website, Chris' Painting .

The above picture is from Avalon Discount Drugs in Muscle Shoals. This was a challenge for me with the green stripes at the top and bottom and a blue stripe in between white trim that separated them. I don’t use tape so this was all free handed. Here are a few more pictures of our work.

1c5d55d645b3__1360003522000 These doors are actually on a sliding track used at the pantry entrance at the job we are currently on. They are put together as one door and was a challenge for Chris to do. The top and bottom is put together with a planed 2x4 of white pine and the actual doors are heart pine. Making them look the same was a task but she did it. Glaze highlights the dents and dings in the panels and door itself.

18a3dc3df4ff__1300896760000 Where the crown molding meets the wall is where you need a steady hand pulling a nice crisp line. Especially with such a contrast of colors.

38b38bd1463a__1360000533000 Mahogany garage doors that I’m proud to say are some of the prettiest doors I have done. A 50/50 mix of Ebony and Jacobean stain was used.

6688514f3126__1239958086000 I can’t take credit for this ceiling but the crew did an excellent job of staining this 30’ vaulted ceiling. This home was in our local Parade of Homes.

b77bcaabf586__1338912407000 Apparently there isn’t much we won’t do. Here I am caulking a boat at Turtle Point. This was a first for me.

Be sure and visit the website above for more pictures if you wish. Our contact info is 256.335.9233, ask for Chris for a free estimate. Spring is a good time to spruce up inside or outside. Oh, and when we paint exterior windows,… we wash them too.

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