Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How Cool Is That?,………….


When this blog first started, I had no bearing. Not knowing the way I wanted to go with it. And really I still don’t know. I did know that I wanted to be read. Apparently that has been partially achieved. How cool is that? I guess one of my main goals has been to promote the mom and pop shops of the Shoals and I have done several and there are still many more to do. So I guess I’ll be here awhile. Promoting charities such as CASA and the American Cancer Society have been popular blogs as has the local ambassadors of the ACS, the Kudzu Queens. Great ladies that spend much time and effort in the fight against cancer.

I have been pleasantly surprised with a few dinners bought for us on occasion. I have received a t-shirt and pin from the BCS Championship game in Miami this past month. Thank you Mitch. Great surprise I will cherish. I have met people in stores and businesses that have actually asked if I was OB. How cool is that? Recently I was contacted by the marketing director of Regency Square Mall, Melanie Jordin Orseske, and wanted to add me to their email press list. How cool is that. I never knew this blog would take off in so many directions. It is fun to do, hopefully entertaining at times and also informative. I am really humbled looking back at past blogs and comments and hopefully I will do a better job in the future as far as promoting local biz and helping get the word out for local charities. Thank y’all for reading, for the comments and for loving our little area of the South. And you can also count on my Tide comments when needed Smile. Thanks so much,……… OB.

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