Monday, February 4, 2013

Little Ethan’s Birthday Surprise,….


Well,….. if you prayed about it, your prayers were answered with a yes. Five year old Ethan has been taken to the hospital to be checked out and will be home for his sixth birthday. I cannot imagine what this child went through, seeing his bus driver killed and then being held hostage for six days. Thank you Lord for answering prayers with a yes. I honestly didn’t see him making it out alive.

There is a new event that sprang up today, I believe, on facebook called Little Ethan's Birthday Surprise and what they plan to do is simple. Send birthday cards and gifts to Ethan. This is from their facebook page,… “What a wonderful surprise it would be for little Ethan to have a ton of birthday cards/gifts when he gets home. Ethan's 6th birthday is this Wednesday. We are also considering putting packages together to send. Anyone that wants to help is more than welcome. Let me know if you are willing to help and/or send a card to this little boy. Just to clarify we do not know this little boy or his family. We would just hope that someone would do this for one of ours if we were in this situation”.

I think this group was actually started before the situation ended, I’m not sure on that. But if you wish to send Ethan a birthday card you can do so at this address. “You can mail birthday cards to this address: Napier Field Police Department c/o Lt. McDaniel 400 Headquarters Street Napier Field, Alabama 36303”, also from their page.

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