Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mardi Grawl, Y’all,…. WalMart Style,….

Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday. And guess what? Today is Fat Tuesday. Can you imagine if WalMart shoppers were to invade New Orleans?  The festive clothes,… hair/wigs,… About the only thing Mardi Gras has that WalMart doesn’t have is the parade and beads. Shhhh, don’t give WalMart shoppers any ideas. So I offer up to you, some WalMart shoppers that could blend in with the festivities today in New Orleans,…….


With this hair they could become a fire hazard. Stay away from candles and open flames.


This colorful lady would have no problem blending in the festivities. But she sticks out like a sore thumb at WalMart.


“Did I do that?” We wish you hadn’t Mr Urkel,…

4614 (1)

Hair,… check. Animal print pants,… check. Why?


Well she dressed for the Fourth, but would probably have a star spangled time at Mardi Gras.


I knew Elvis wasn’t dead. See!! There are two of him. I can see him on a float at the parade now singing Suspicious Minds.

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