Tuesday, February 12, 2013



20 years,……. It has been 20 years today since my mom passed. It doesn’t seem real. I remember as a kid thinking about the future,… 20 years seemed so far away. Now, looking back, 20 years seems like yesterday. It seems like only a short time ago I would pick her and my grandmother up on Fridays to go get their “hair fixed”. I don’t remember many Fridays when they didn’t go to have their hair done. She always had some Planters dry roasted peanuts and Check cola for me when I would visit. We rarely sat in the living room,….. we went straight to the kitchen. If only that kitchen could talk,…… Momma introduced me to Bear Bryant and Jesus. They were fairly close in priority. Jesus held a slight lead. I remember raking those danged old Pin Oak leaves on Saturdays listening to Alabama on the radio. Back then there wasn’t cable. Bama didn’t play on tv every Saturday so the radio had John Forney, Doug Layton doing the play by play. But on Sundays after church we would watch the Bear Bryant Show. I really think she had a small crush on the Bear.

She whipped my butt when I got out of line, which seemed like it was every other day. Those switches hurt especially when I was wearing shorts. She taught us right from wrong. We struggled to make ends meet. She worked hard at the Sweetwater Mills/Flagg Utica and later Genesco in Industrial Park. I remember seeing a pay stub once and she brought home $88 per week. She was a proud lady and did her best to instill in us values that would carry over in life. Of course I had to be hard headed and not grasp everything she tried to teach us. Some things never change.

My mom left my dad in Gary In because he was abusive, physically. I barely remember the fighting but can remember some of it. She always protected us. She loved her babies. She sacrificed much to raise us. She didn’t go out or have a social life although she could have. She chose to stay home. Not one time after we came to Alabama after leaving my dad did I hear her downgrade, belittle or say anything bad about him. That speaks volumes of the lady she was. She could have done so, but she had that much class about her.

I wasn’t going to blog this today but it just kept calling me to do so. Miss ya Mom,… after 20 years you would think I wouldn’t get teary eyed,……


She did love her shoes,……..

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