Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Counts Brothers Music,....

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Ya’ll remember this sign in Muscle Shoals? It is gone now but guess what? You can have a t-shirt with the same logo on it. I saw a pic of the shirts on facebook and they are really cool. Assorted colors and sizes along with either long or short sleeve.
I contacted them via facebook and they offered to put me one back. Which they did. Upon arriving at their store at 713 Waverly Av in Muscle Shoals they were fairly busy so I had time to look around. Amazing store for musicians. It made me want to be able to play. My guitar playing is only worse than my singing but if I could play this would be my store. Courteous, knowledgeable staff from what I could tell. A mother was buying a guitar for her son and asking questions and the guy waiting on her was answering all of them, in a way she could understand. You could tell he knew what he was talking about. There was another mom with her son and they were asking about instruments for high school band. I was just impressed with the store and the way in which the customers were treated.
I got waited on and asked for Donna,… she had told me to ask for her when I contacted them on facebook. So I did and she had my shirt ready. Just more good customer service. They have been around for a long time and certainly don’t need any advertising from me. But in todays economy, customer service can mean a lot. And they certainly provide that. Even though it was just a t-shirt, it was a nice shopping experience. Friend them on facebook,…. Counts Brothers

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