Saturday, March 2, 2013

Florence Marina,… Underhanded Politics?,….

florence marina

Sometimes I am slow. You can tell me a joke and 2-3 minutes later I’ll laugh and “get it” No I’m not blond but I have been once.

With the new Florence/Lauderdale Tourism building set to go into the old golf pro shop site at McFarland Bottom, names kept re-appearing. Names associated with the new restaurant going in at the Florence Marina. That name is Stanfield. Allison Stanfield is assistant director of Florence/Lauderdale Tourism. River Bottom Grille, opening at the end of this month is owned by guess who? Stanfields. The same ones that have the steak house in Ford City. So now it makes sense. And yes they are related. It isn’t the Stanfield’s fault that I know of,… I blame Eva, the operator of the marina. She decided to triple the rent to the Barge Inn, knowing they couldn’t afford it. All the while knowing she had this set up. Good business? I don’t think so. If,… and I do say if this happened the way I think it did,… she needs to be exposed. And so do the Stanfields if they played a knowing part in this.

I will say this about Eva,… some friends of ours went to the Barge Inn with a toddler. The toddler had a sippy cup. The parents were told by Eva, who shouldn’t even have a say in what happens at the restaurant, that their child could not bring in her sippy cup. She also wanted a three year warranty on a sign I painted there. I hope the damn thing rots a hole in the wall. With current ownership of the marina,….. no restaurant will succeed. 

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