Saturday, March 9, 2013

From Cooter,… Auburn Celzebrates,…..


Hey back yous guys,… This here is George Earl Johnson III also called Cooter again comin at cha from a place near the plains in beeutifeel Alabamer. We aubbies loves to celzebrate and roll them trees. We don’t need much reason. Back in 03 we were the Peoples National Champions so we had us this here pa raid. Complete with tractors and hogs. But not in an Akeensaw kinda way. And no we didn’t have motor sickles. Actually they were pigs but they was cute. Come celzebrate with us online as we party hardy because it will have been 500 days since we have won an SEC game. The festivities will be held on and There will be some serious tree rollin and such. The such is a sir prize. So take your Imodium or Pepto and save yer toilet paper for this big e vent. Since this is an online e vent, be sure ans roll a tree in your yard to help celzebrate this monstrous event of 500 days without winning an SEC game. This is awesomeness at its bestest.

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