Friday, March 29, 2013

Gay,… What If,…


Lets have some fun, shall we? You have to play by my rules because this is my blog. I know,… no fair. Just be glad I’m not president.

Okay,… here we go. Think back just 113 years ago. We weren’t here. 113 years ago there wasn’t artificial insemination I don’t think. So lets go back 113 years in time. Why 113 years? You didn’t do well in math did you? 113 years ago it was 1900. I choose 113 to get to a nice round number.  Now,… lets say being gay is the way to be, being gay is natural. Lets go one step further and say 113 years ago everyone in the world was gay. Everyone. All the adults decided to be gay and the children were taught it was acceptable and grew up with the gay lifestyle being the natural order of things. With 100% of the worlds population being gay and never wavering from it,…. With no artificial way for women to reproduce,…. you wouldn’t be sitting here reading this. That just doesn’t seem all that natural to me.

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