Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lil Steve’s,… They’re Everywhere!! They’re Everywhere!!,…..


I have been doing business with Big Steve for over 30 years. The convenience store business like most in our area can be fickle at times. These guys have weathered that storm through competitive prices and a friendly atmosphere. If I remember correctly, Fast and Friendly was Big Steve’s first store. Man, we were young back then. Now his son, Lil Steve has helped and joined his dad in the adventures of the business. Finer people you will not meet. The same goes for the employees, or “crew”. I can honestly say at every store I have been to I have been treated like my business was appreciated. One of the pluses to shopping there is all of the money that goes to the store, goes back to our local economy. You cannot say that about some of the other local stores such as Paradise or even Kangaroo. Kangaroo has corporate headquarters in North Carolina. People, it does pay to shop local. From drug stores to jewelry to grocery stores. Shop local when you can. Lil Steve’s has very competitive prices on gas, cigarettes and adult beverages. And they have the best people working for them at every store. I hate to repeat myself but it is true. If only they would pay Chase more so he could buy some shoes. That boy is freezing me to death with those flip flops.

Currently they have 9 stores, counting the liquor store beside the convenience store on Pine St in Florence. Cox Creek Pkwy, Cloverdale Road, Chisholm Road, Woodward Av in Muscle Shoals, Florence Blvd across from another nice mom and pop, The Donut Shoppe, Center Star and now Rogersville, where you can purchase adult beverages 24/6. The only place in North Alabama you can do so. If you have never stopped in one of their stores, you owe it to yourself to do so. And after multiple trips, you, like me, will have made some new friends. Shop local, shop the mom and pop stores!


  1. Big Steve's first "store" was a little candy table on a neighborhood circle in Petersville. He was maybe 12 or so...and sold to us 'hood kids bubblegum and penny candy...back when penny candy was actually a penny, and he sold it for 2 pennies. I remember telling him I could get it at Willett's Grocery (about 3/4 mile from the house) for a penny. He reminded me that I didn't have to walk that far if I just gave him the extra penny. Ha! Worked for me.