Thursday, March 14, 2013

The New Pope Should Have Been Jewish,….


A Jewish pope would send a powerful signal to the world that the Catholic Church is truly open to change, to different viewpoints. It would also help heal a millennia-old rift. From anger over the death of Jesus, (a Jew, by the way), through the aiding and abetting of Nazism, Christians have had a fractious relationship with Jews. Putting a Jew in the papacy – the most powerful Christian position in the world — would signal that the rift should be healed. Granted, one could argue that an Islamic pope would be even better, since Islam is larger than Judaism. In an ideal world, that would be possible. But we are aware that the Catholic Church moves slowly. A Jewish pope is the obvious next step because right now, Jews and Catholics are better matched. They simply have more in common. And bagels could be used for communion. Confession, on the other hand, could be improved. In fact, most of you current Catholics wouldn’t have to go anymore. Instead, under the new Judeo-Catholic tradition, your mothers would go for you, since they’re so much better at pointing out your sins and faults. Oh, and all mothers would become saints, because of the way they suffer. Just ask Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory.

Yes, I think a Jewish pope would serve the world well. Much better than a Baptist or Church of Christ,… If either of those two were pope could you imagine trying to get into a restaurant on Sunday after church? An Episcopalian or Methodist might work though,… Then the Shoals area might have Sunday alcohol sales and the lottery. 

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