Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Child With Cancer,…..

Car Wash
Cancer is a scary word for anyone. It knows no age limit. It knows no race or gender. Cancer is scary. For an 8 year old the scariest things they out to hear is pop quiz at school or no, you can’t do that. They shouldn’t hear the word cancer. But life deals us all blows at one time or another.
There is an event, a fundraiser coming up and I hope you all can share this info and go to it. Here is the event information as posted on facebook.

Benifit Car Wash of Bre Balentine & Felicia Balentine Talley.
Saturday April 20th,........

Felicia recently became a guardian for her 8 year old niece, Bre.
Bre has been diagnosed with leukemia. Bre is a happy little girl with a lot of living to do!
All proceeds from the car wash will help Bre fight cancer. ANY donation amount is greatly appreciated.
**Location : Arby's (Target Plaza) Florence AL**
All items have been donated by Lowe's of Muscle Shoals to make this happen.

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