Monday, April 1, 2013

Alabama Fires Nick Saban,…..

Amid his winning and teaching the game to his players in a way that they understand as “The Process”, The University of Alabama announced after an emergency meeting in the midnight hour that head coach Nick Saban has been fired. The board of trustees have tried to get Coach Saban to not win so much but he just won’t play by the rules set forth by board. Said one board member, “Coach Saban blatantly defies the board in winning against lower opponents such as auburn and Tennessee and now we can add Arkansas to that list. We have tried to stress to Coach Saban on giving those teams a chance to compete. Sadly for those teams, he just won’t listen.” The board also goes on to say they had no other choice because of the constant whining by those schools and Notre Dame who was embarrassed in the BCS Championship Game. Texas still says if Colt McCoy hadn’t gotten hurt, they would have won the game. Boohoo! Happy April Fools Day!!

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