Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Breaking News: New Trees For Toomers Corner,…


Barner fans, don’t fret. You will soon be able to carry on with your tradition of rolling trees at Toomers Corner. This time, university officials used their heads. They are using aluminum trees that unlike the Live Oaks that were planted there, are native to any climate or soil. The new trees can also withstand pressure washing after the trees are rolled for easy clean up. Pressure washing trees helped kill the ones on the Plains. Along with being in the wrong climate to start with. Harvey Updike didn’t help matters but these new aluminum trees can withstand even the most idiotic fan from any rival school. You won’t even have to worry about Uga peeing on them. They come complete with a green stand (shown above)  so that they will blend in easily with the new sod that will be laid. And during the holiday season you Barners can even decorate for Christmas. It is a win/win situation at the University of auburn. The fans and students are planning a practice rolling Saturday May the 4th. Corndogs from LSU are being flown in to accommodate the hungry fans. So mark that date on your calendars and bring a lawn chair. Music will also be provided by Pat Dye and the Yella Fellas.

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