Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Bama A Day Game & The Draft,….

Well last week at this time I was anxiously anticipating the spring scrimmage game in Tuscaloosa known as the A Day Game. When ESPN cut off their coverage of the game with 3-4 minutes left to play I was almost glad they did. That was one of the sloppiest spring games in recent memory. The quarterbacks seemed to be willing to throw into any type of coverage and the play calling was extremely limited. On both sides of the ball. Offensive plays were mainly a drag pattern to the running back and a single wide receiver set with the occasional deep post pattern sprinkled in to keep fans awake. Turnovers were plentiful in terms of interceptions and fumbles. Handoffs were sloppy at times.
Defensively the blitzes were almost non existent   I have to keep in mind that this is a spring practice scrimmage viewed by more than just Bama fans and the Tide certainly doesn’t want to tip its hand on what they can do. But the quality of play just wasn’t there. The Tide wasn’t as crisp as I would have liked them to be. One bright spot however was the offensive line. I thought they played well and gave the quarterback time to throw. The cornerbacks also did a good job with the exception of one play. These two areas have me the most concerned as well as the back up quarterback spot. I do like Alec Morris but of course that is why the coaches get paid the big bucks.
Congrats to all of the former Tide players getting drafted so far. Three first round and one second round isn’t too shabby. Two good players are still available as of this blog post. Those being Jesse Williams and Barrett Jones. Jones, the grandson of former UNA basketball coach, Bill Jones, racked up many offensive awards along with championship trophies. Still he sits waiting for his number to be called. Partly due to his many roles on the Bama line I think. But, he would make someone a nice grab late in the draft.
Jesse Williams,… before the draft he was projected a first rounder. Yet, he too sits waiting for his call. Jesse probably didn’t benefit due to the Tides style of play on defense. Most NFL teams are looking for an every play type player and Jesse is more of a three down type player. He could evolve into an every down player I would imagine but right now I think his NFL stock fell because of that. He too would be an asset on any team.


  1. That was a fun day! I didn't really watch the game,though. They confused me with yellow helmets and red and white on the same "team." So I people-watched. Perfect weather, too.

  2. It was a nice, festive day.