Friday, April 5, 2013

The White Flame,….

The name sounds a bit like a super hero doesn’t it? Well in the art world I think that might be a fit. But it has more to do with a welding torch tip. Lucas Stokes has a vivid imagination as you will see from some of the photos below. I got to meet Lucas on a job we were both on. He was doing the wrought iron and hand rails at the house and I must say they are quite unique. It is literally art with metal. Bending, shaping, cutting and welding to form some of the most unusual things you will see. To see more visit his facebook page here, The White Flame . There are many more photos of his art work ranging from metal to drawings and paintings. His contact info is located there as well. Be sure and visit and click like on his page. But I have got to share some of the photos with you here,….



  1. Great photos, OB this is real talent. Mr Stokes is a great artist!!! Thanks for showing this!! .........Jane

  2. The stair rail is to die for. As for mailboxes, I've never understood why some live in palatial homes and settle for a plain and ugly box. This artwork is fantastic. I hope he attempts to sell his mailboxes on a broad scope.