Saturday, April 6, 2013

Toomers Corner, auburn And The First Lady of auburn Football,….

Way back in 2007, before Harvey Updike came along, the oaks at Toomers Corner were said to be dying. Actually according to this article from 2007 Toomers Oaks no one is really sure how they got planted there. It isn’t even their natural habitat. The same article states that back in 2007 they knew the trees were dying. And with the tree rolling that went on along with the clean up that followed, the trees were doomed anyway. No, I am certainly not making light of what Updike did. That was about as classless and stupid a thing to do as could have been done.

Auburn fans will get one last time to roll their beloved trees this spring after their a-Day game. How about some lovely earrings for the lady tigers to wear for such an occasion,…..


And now to the first lady of auburn football. I am so glad that Alabama has not only Nick Saban, but Miss Terry as well. She demonstrates class and character in whatever she does. Gus Malzahn’s wife,… not so much as you can see in this video,…

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