Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BamaNation Hot Sauce Now at Publix in Florence,….


This is actually awesome news for hot sauce lovers. BamaNation Hot Sauce is on the shelves in Florence Alabama at Publix. Folks, this is no ordinary hot sauce. Yes you can use it in the typical way you might use some of those lesser brands such as Texas Petes or Tabasco Sauce. The difference? BamaNation does not take away from the flavor of whatever you are putting it on. It enhances it.

There is another big difference in the lesser sauces and BamaNation. You can also use it as a bar b que sauce. It is great on chicken or pork. I have used on both and it makes for a nice different touch when you want something with a little bit more of a kick than a traditional sauce. I have also mixed it with Sweet Baby Rays for a nice touch as well.



The above pictures I did get from their facebook page at BamaNation Facebook Page with the first one showing babyback ribs with BamaNation Hot Sauce cooked on,… perfect. And the second picture, Chicken breast, or thigh baked or grilled in Catalina dressing... topped with cooked bacon and then melted Monterey Jack cheese... This is a simple secret and sure to please... Oh, drizzled with BAMANATION to add that kick.

BamaNation Hot Sauce is also the brainchild of former Florence resident and Coffee High School grad, Rodney Andujar. Roll Tide Rodney and thanks for a great sauce!! And the bottles are awesome too!!

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