Sunday, May 19, 2013

Idiots Abound,…. And Apparently Are Procreating,…


Sometimes I think it pays to back away from facebook and the internet as a whole. For nothing else but for stress levels. There are some really dumb people in this world and I probably classify as one of them. That being said, posts on facebook has its good days and bad days.

And then there is real life. That seems to always amaze me. I really can’t blog about what I want to here,… but say you were told you had spots on your lungs,… you go all the way to Birmingham to find out via a biopsy only to find out a biopsy machine was down. What? I didn’t know they had biopsy machines. I thought the docs got the biopsy from a needle. Someone enlighten me here,….. When I first heard this person had lung cancer I said bullshit. He is a pathological liar and goes to B’ham and comes up with the machine was down? Again,… am I missing something here? I just don’t understand apparently,……

I have seen a few postings,… yes, more than one, of a proposed Sams Club in Oxford Alabama. The city gave approval for the store to be built on an Indian mound,… well they were removing the mound actually. As sad as it is,… this happened in 2009.  It is old news. But for some ungodly reason it was posted as if it were happening now. I hate this happened too,… but what are we to do now? Send flaming arrows to burn the store down? Well that might be an option.

The Florence City Council is giving, yes giving the University of North Alabama $3 million for the new science building. Florence will have also have to pay (almost) according to city treasurer Dan Barger,… a 3% interest rate on that $3 million. But councilman Herman Graham insists Florence will get it back tenfold,….  Florence would have been better off investing that 3 mil in the Florence City School System. Let the damn Chinese pay for the science building. Florence needs to wake up. I’m disappointed in the council and the mayor. 

Shoalanda Speaks posted Shoals Traffic Cams that the Quad Cities Daily has on their site. This link to the cameras around the Shoals is virtually useless. Almost a still picture that moves,… is what you will see. They say to use them for your outings. They need to be timestamped to be useful. It is a waste of clicking.

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