Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Is National BBQ Month,….


Yes it really is. So get out those grills, clean them up and put on some meat and veggies.

If you are like me, the grill hasn’t been put away and in hibernation for the winter. It just doesn’t get too cold or hot for that matter to grill. I have grilled literally in thunder storms, hail and even a passing tornado although it wasn’t on the ground at the time. The tornado sirens were going off and it was hailing mostly dime sized stones but I kept on throwing the hickory on the grill.

I’ve been using a Charbroil aluminum grill/smoker, the same one since 1979. I just last year replaced the cooking and fire racks with diamond mesh stainless steel. That grill will be here after I am gone. I also use a stainless cookie sheet, for lack of a better term, to put my coals on so they won’t go through my fire rack and ash up the bottom. Works great.

Aluminum foil is your friend. I always wrap butts, ribs and chicken in them and place on the grill first. The meat will turn out tender every time. I’ve heard of people boiling ribs first. I tried it once and they were the worst ribs I’d ever cooked. Boiling the meat prior to grilling does not make it more tender. Steaming your choice of meat in the foil while it cooks in its own juices will. After cooking the meat for a while,… a good long while, I remove from the foil and then place directly on the cooking rack. Of course I already had it spiced up before I wrapped in the foil but now it is ready for any sauce I might use.

Speaking of sauce,… Sweet Baby Rays has an excellent BBQ sauce. I can honestly say it is the best store bought sauce I have used. I personally like the hickory and brown sugar flavored sauce. I tried it first and haven't tried any of the other flavors. It is a matter of taste for me and that sauce is just awesome. I may try another flavor or two in the future. The sweet and spicy and also the sweet Vidalia onion sound tempting.

Any true grill master knows charcoal. And the argument of charcoal versus gas. True grill masters use charcoal and when using charcoal they use Kingsford. Charcoal does make a difference with me because when I grill it isn’t for 10 minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour. Usually it is for several hours. Kingsford lasts longer. Which in the long run saves you some cash and the time it takes to add charcoal to the fire. Add some hickory chips to that slow fire and you have smoke from heaven.   


  1. OB, as far as I'm concerned, Barbecue month is any month until we go off DST. Lamb chops, andouille, hamburgers, the whole range.

    Grilling asparagus and serving them with blue cheese is a good treat. Even zucchini!

    And, of course, pork!

  2. Kingsford is some good charcoal, but since getting this Primo grill, I have discovered the benefits of the natural hardwood lump charcoal(which my grill dictates to be used). It is easier to light and lasts the full cooking without having to add. then when I get through cooking I shut the dampers off on my grill and it snuffs the fire out making the charcoal usable for the next barbecue session.
    the Primo/ Big Green egg brands and expensive grills, but they sure do make grilling and barbecuing much easier, which gives me more energy to expand my barbecue limits on recipe's and other activity's.

  3. A cabbage head and or onion placed in foil with butter, salt and pepper to taste is great too.
    Unc,.. I have long lusted after a Primo grill. I like them better because of the shape and they look like they have a larger cooking surface. I can close my CharBroil off also and reuse 75% of the coals.

  4. Hey, did I tell you how I got the Primo?
    I won it on a $5 raffle two years ago when I was judging in Decatur.

  5. Wow,... Congrats although belated,... No more comments allowed by you LOL!,.. just kiddin,.. that's cool though.